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Usery Mountain Regional Park Sunrise
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Warm, sunny days and a cool, desert evening breeze provide the perfect climate for an enjoyable getaway to Mesa any time of the year. Low humidity, dry, clean air, and an average temperature of 86 degrees make Mesa's climate attractive to travelers from all over the country. Visitors to Mesa should always be prepared for lots of sunshine. A hat, sunscreen, and access to water are recommended to anyone who will be outside enjoying the Arizona sun. Leave your umbrella at home though, Mesa receives less than ten inches of annual precipitation and it rarely snows!

Average Temperatures

 Month  Avg Max   Avg Min  
   Temp    Temp  
   F  C  F C
 January  64.9  18.3     35.6  2.0    
February    69.3  20.7  38.5  3.6
 March  73.6  23.1  42.9  6.1
 April  83.0  28.3  49.5  9.7
 May  92.1  33.4  56.8  13.8
 June  100.8  38.2  64.4  18.0
 July  104.3  40.2  74.1  23.4
 August  101.8  38.8  72.9  22.7
 September  98.5  36.9  65.9  18.8
 October  88.3  31.3  54.4  12.4
 November  75.4  24.1  42.7  5.9
 December  66.9  19.4  36.8  2.7
 Year Average  84.9  29.4  52.9  11.6


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