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Come visit the Old West and travel in modern style! Getting to Mesa has never been easier, and once you are here, there a variety of ways to see, experience, and enjoy all that Mesa has to offer! Mesa is close to two major airportsPhoenix Sky Harbor International and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway.  Allegiant Air offers direct passenger service to and from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

For private or corporate arrivals to Mesa, Falcon Field Airport is a great option. The airport offers on-site limousine service, rental car options and aircraft maintenance. 

In West Mesa, starting east of Mesa Drive, visitors can hop on board the Valley Metro Light Rail for convenient access to everything to see and do in Downtown Mesa. The light rail path takes visitors to Mesa Arts Center and within walking distance to shops and restaurants along Main Street. Watch for the art installations at each platform. Six new, larger-than-life pieces have been added to Downtown Mesa’s permanent sculpture collection, which also includes a 30+ sidewalk sculpture gallery for visitors to experience. Mesa’s portion of the light rail ends at Sycamore Station (Dobson Road). Visitors that continue can travel through Tempe and into Central Phoenix.  Download map HERE.

Explore the historic Apache Trail and Sonoran Desert Beauty, the Tonto National Forest, a visit underground to Kartchner Caverns, or an exploration of Sedona's amazing red rock country. Mesa sightseeing tours and car rentals are available to help you go mobile in Mesa, and we even have a helpful link to transportation reviews to help you plan your next visit to Mesa.

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