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Visit Mesa, Arizona and experience the beauty of the amazing desert Southwest - all while enjoying the comfort and culture of a metropolitan city. Mesa is the perfect gateway to a vacation filled with adventure and excitement! Mesa offers a variety of enjoyable things to see and do, from exploring the legacy of Native American culture and the pioneer history of the Old West to Broadway musicals and state of the art interactive museums. We have hotels and accommodations available for every budget and all of our places to stay will put you close to Mesa's exciting nightlife and diverse restaurants and dining.

Mesa's beautiful climate makes it the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, our weather will put a smile on your face as you explore the beauty of the Sonoran Desert's unique environment. Sunny days also mean golf is a year round sport in Mesa, and rugged mountains and blue skies make our courses some of the most scenic in the country.

Mesa, Arizona has all there is to offer: a warm, welcoming environment, a rich cultural background, wonderful people and endless possibilities. Visit Mesa and see for yourself!

View our Destination Planning Itinerary page for themed day by day activity suggestions. 

May 18 - Jun 3

Rock of Ages

This jukebox musical, built around classic rock songs from the 1980s,... more

May 26 - May 26

Full Moon Paddleboarding

Come enjoy a spooky time Paddleboarding on the Salt River! We’ll paddle up... more

May 29 - May 29

Harmony Project Phoenix Orchestra

"Talent has no zip code”. This is the motto of the Harmony Project Phoenix,... more

Dec 9 - Sep 22 (Select Dates)

Glowball - Night Golf at Augusta...

Have you ever played golf at night? Grab 3 of your friends and come out to... more

Mar 14

2nd Friday Night Out

Downtown Mesa Merchants Presents "2nd Friday night out on Main" The second... more

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