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Let someone else take the wheel and do the driving while you do the sightseeing. Tour companies featured on our site offer regularly scheduled and themed tours of Mesa, the Valley of the Sun and other Arizona destinations for individuals and groups. Several companies accept bookings with 24 hours advance notice or less. Planning your own itinerary of places to go and things to do and need a charter? Companies featured on our site offer charter services for any transportation needs within the Valley of the Sun and throughout the state. Contact directly for rates and restrictions. 
Cruise the calm waters of Mesa’s nearest lakes. Visitors to Mesa can cruise on the Dolly Steamboat, a replica sternwheeler that has continued the tradition of cruising the secluded inner waterways for decades, or hop aboard the The Desert Belle, which tours exclusively at Saguaro Lake and offers great entertainment on the water. By land, head out on the historic highway on a guided Apache Trail Tour, where colorful guides entertain and educate visitors as they ride along Arizona’s most scenic byway.

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