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Mesa was named one of the top 10 cities for bicyclists by Forbes magazine putting the city on the same level as other bike-friendly communities including Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. What made us get the nod? The city's more than 40 miles of bike lanes paired with close access to a plethora of desert biking trails certainly helps! There is no better way to meander through some of Mesa's most stunning landscapes than on a bicycle. Road biking enthusiasts soar down the popular Usery Pass Road toward Usery Mountain Regional Park with rows of saguaro cacti and desert brush at your side. 

Mountain bikers can explore the expansive terrain and scenic route along north Power Road. Here, you can ride parallel with the Lower Salt River while capturing some of the best views of the iconic Red Mountain. And, Mesa's series of cyclist events and festivals, including El Tour de Mesa are a chance for residents and visitors to help celebrate the sport throughout the year. The choices are plentiful when it comes to choosing a path in Mesa and the natural beauty of our landscapes along those roads and trails will make you want to slow down on the pedals and enjoy the view.  Cycle Usery Pass

If you prefer to hit the trails...

Usery Mountain Regional Park offers more than 29 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Park trails range in length from 0.2 miles to over 7 miles, and range in difficulty from easy to difficult. Trails here are popular because they offer enough elevation to experience spectacular vistas of the Valley. Entry fee. Detailed trail maps available at the on-site Nature Center.

San Tan Mountain Regional Park offers more than eight miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Park trails range in length from 1.1 miles to over 5 miles, and range in difficulty from easy to strenuous. The trails within the San Tan Mountain Regional Park offer a unique perspective of the lower Sonoran Desert with wildlife, plant-life and scenic mountain views. Entry Fee.  

Visitors that want to head out on the highway for the ultimate road cycling experience can sign up for a guided tour with Arizona Outback Adventures.

If you are interested in bicycling around the state of Arizona, the Arizona Department of Transportation offers mobile friendly maps, visit their Page.

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