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Mesa Arts Center
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Mesa has a multitude of museums – for kids, collectors, baseball fans, lovers of the visual arts, aviation buffs and the casual observer simply wanting to know more about our destination. One of the benefits to exploring Mesa’s museums is that many of them are located within steps from each other allowing you to easily spend a day exploring our past, present and future in one visit. From the award-winning Arizona Museum of Natural History and their fine collection of dinosaurs and Native American dwellings and pottery to the i.d.e.a.Museum where the young at art are cherished and even tots can explore their artistic side, there is plenty to discover in Mesa. Rounding out the collection is Mesa Contemporary Arts, a five-gallery visual arts complex; The Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona & Museum – Arizona Wing, featuring numerous WWII-era aircraft on display; Mesa Historical Museum; and Superstition Mountain Museum in nearby Apache Junction sharing the tall tales and recorded history of the famous Lost Dutchman gold mine and restored structures from Apacheland Studios.

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