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Allow Visit Mesa to facilitate in making your competition an unforgettable success. Visit Mesa will assist you in finding what you need for your next event, tournament, competition or meeting throughout the Valley of the Sun. If you are looking for Sports Tourism & Event support in the cities of Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, or Chandler our team can serve all your needs!

Sports Competition

Our staff provides comprehensive information about Mesa's sports venues in addition to other Valley facilities. Let us assist you in finding the right facility for your specific competition needs. Submit your Request for Proposal today or request materials to start planning your next event in Mesa.  

Sports Lodging

Without delay, Visit Mesa will forward facts of your event program needs to the hotels or resorts you select. These selected properties then will respond directly to you with rates and availability.

Venue and Facility Selection

Professional site inspection itineraries will be coordinated for sports competition planners and a Visit Mesa representative will gladly accompany you.

Sports Promotion

Visit Mesa offers a wealth of marketing and promotional resources to your competition. A database of local businesses and citizens will be used to increase awareness of your tournament to enhance attendance and support.

Complimentary Planning Services


  • RFP distribution to hotels, motels, and resorts
  • Sports facility selection guidance 
  • Marketing and publicity guidance & support
  • Volunteer recruitment 


Sponsorship Solicitation

Our role with your event doesn't conclude after you book your sports event in Mesa! Our team will continue to be an active partner in making your event a success. Our team will attempt to facilitate you with all the particulars including, but not limited to, means to heighten attendance, coordinating transportation, and gift items for athletes.

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