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Visit Mesa and residents of Mesa, Arizona are committed to developing the city as at top sports destination and part of that effort is made possible by our fantastic aquatic centers. Mesa has invested millions of dollars into their pools and recently opened its ninth aquatic center in 2011. The new 130,000-square-foot Skyline Aquatic Center's main attraction will be centered on two competition pools. The Olympic-sized racing pool will boast eight 50-meter racing lanes which can be reconfigured into eighteen 25-yard racing lanes or two full sized water polo courses. It also feature a diving tank with one and three-meter diving boards and water plenty deep for synchronized swimming competitions.

The zero-entry recreation pool will feature a slide, a variety of aquatic play toys and six 25-yard lanes for swimmers to warm-up before races or to be used for swimming lessons. Mesa continues to be recognized nationally for hosting a wide range of athletic competitions and recently hosted the 2011 US Masters Short Course Nationals and 2012 USA Synchronized Swimming National Championships. We annually host state swimming championships, USA Swimming IMX Regional Games and Citrus Classic Winter Training and just this year USA Swimming named Mesa as a Grand Prix Series host from 2013-2016. Come swim with us!


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