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Visit Mesa has developed a series of tiered marketing partnerships for all East Valley businesses eager to tap into a variety of market segments and secure valuable visitor spending dollars. The packages offer an array of platforms to promote your business - from our digital efforts online and through mobile marketing, to the tried and true tactics of taking your message to the tradeshow floor and into the travel agency. The options are endless and all marketing efforts aligned with Visit Mesa will guarantee exposure to the existing visitor e-mail database of more than 88,000 opted-in travelers that receive our Visit Mesa updates and destination information on a regular basis, as well as on the Visit Mesa website which currently has more than 300,000 unique online visitors annually.

Learn more about Visit Mesa, view our introductory presentation: Download Now

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To take advantage of Visit Mesa’s new, aggressive and enhanced marketing opportunities, please review the packages available to you. At the very minimum, we encourage all East Valley cities businesses to participate with Visit Mesa at the Effortless level of partnership. This marketing package will not only get your business placed in the Official Mesa Visitors Guide and on the website for one year, but participation also includes a listing on the state-of-the-art electronic concierge kiosks located inside the Mesa Visitors Center. Visit Mesa is the only official destination marketing organization for our region, and the only team reaching out to travel planners, corporate decision makers, tour operators and travel media domestically and internationally. These groups are the key influences in our travel industry. Your initial annual investment of $350 for the Effortless package is the minimum level required by area businesses to participate in Visit Mesa’s dynamic sales and marketing model.

Learn more about each package

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Decided on a partnership level that works for you?

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For questions and for additional information contact:

Terrie Gardner by email or call her at (480) 682-3660.
Terrie Gardner  
Terrie Gardner
Associate Manager, Partnership Sales & Group Services


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