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Ever tasted a peach fresh off the tree?

Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil can have flavors ranging from mild, creamy, grassy and fruity, to peppery, bold and rich?


When was the last time you chose and picked the vegetables your family would eat that night?

Queen Creek is the home of Arizona's only working olive mill, and Schnepf Farms, which was designed as an "Arizona Treasure" by the governor. Whether your tastes run simple and sweet or rich and savory, we have treats in store for you! Queen Creek offers dining experiences for every palate and price range.

Schnepf Farms pumkin patch - interior banner


Queen Creek is on the forefront of organic, heritage foods, including Hayden Flour Mills at Sossaman Farm. Sossaman Farm grows acres of different heritage grains, including White Sonoran wheat, ancient barley, buckwheat and others, which are then milled by America’s first solar powered mill, Hayden Flour Mills. Featured in the documentary “The Grain Divide,” these partners are working together to educate visitors about the use of ancient grains.

CLICK HERE to view a video feature on MarthaStewart.com

Hayen Flour - reatil

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