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Located in the Sonoran Desert, Mesa is surrounded by a rich, vibrant and verdant playground for sought-after outdoor recreation. Within minutes of our collection of resorts and hotels, guests can immerse themselves into a legendary landscape – a region full of intrigue and awe that continues to inspire and amaze our visitors every day. From hiking mountain tops to kayaking along calm rivers and canyon-carved lakes, nearly every outdoor pursuit can be experienced here in City Limitless®.

Download the Mesa Adventure Explorer Guide HERE.  Adventure Explorer Guide Brochure - cover image


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Visit Mesa knows there are endless ways to capture the magic and awe of our Sonoran Desert surroundings and we want to reward the adventurers, treasure seekers and wandering warriors that venture out into this incredible landscape. Use the Adventure Explorer hashtags in your social media posted photos in exchange for a one-of-a-kind sticker celebrating that activity and location. You can pick up your physical sticker(s) at the Mesa Visitors Center (120 N. Center) during your visit, or we will send a digital sticker to you honoring your quest when you text us at 797979*. Collect up to 5 different stickers during your visit.

Click HERE for full participation rules and begin your quest.

Download complete Adventure Explorer Lifestyle Itinerary HERE.

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