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Visit Mesa's events calendar is meant to guide visitors to public tourism driven events. Fill out the fields below about your event for consideration to be listed in our online calendar. Please note: Your event will not automatically be added to the calendar once you click "Submit Event" at the bottom of the form.

*All events must be open to the general public and tourism oriented. Examples of posted events include: festivals; professional sporting events; traveling or temporary exhibits/exhibitions or shows; community and professional performances and college or university-level performances. Events must be held within the communities of MESA, Queen Creek & along the Apache Trail. (Exclusive of regional tourism driven events)

*Auditions, classes, workshops, recitals, K-12 school performances, church services/events and camps will not be posted.

*No solicitations will be accepted. Community fundraisers, not associated with Visit Mesa Partnership Participants will not be approved.

All event postings are at the sole discretion of Visit Mesa.

You will be notified when your event is reviewed.

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